The Sidekick Pocket Knife

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The Flight Outfitters Sidekick Pocket Knife is a tool that most pilots would agree is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. This pocket-sized wonder has an array of useful small tools in one place, fits in your pocket and is always ready to accompany you on any adventure, whether you are a pilot, an outdoor enthusiast, or just a prepared individual. The Sidekick features a large cutting blade, small blade, can opener, screwdriver (3 mm), bottle opener, screwdriver (6 mm), wire stripper, reamer/punch and sewing awl, Phillips screwdriver (1/2), scissors, wood saw, multipurpose hook, toothpick, tweezers, and key ring. With all of these functions in one compact tool, the Flight Outfitters Sidekick Pocket Knife is a reliable tool that you can always count on.

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