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Tech Log Post Binder: Single and twin-engineairplanes have fewer maintenance logs which can be easily managed withthese basic Chicago-screw type post binders. This binder can hold fourto eight maintenance logs, enough for the typical twin, with plenty ofspace remaining. These high density poly binders are fuel and solventresistant, almost indestructible, and will protect your tech logs in anyshop environment. Binder package includes two sets of threaded posts, plus one envelope for service tags and airworthiness forms.

Capacity: 1 Binder can easily hold 4 to 8 componentlogbooks, more than enough space for a single, or a typical twin with 2engine logs and 2 prop logs. More engines & props can beaccommodated simply by using longer binder posts (order by phone). Twosets of binder posts (single & twin) are included.

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