Pilot’s Manual Volume 1: Flight School – ASA

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For over 30 years, The Pilot’s Manual: Flight Schoolhas taught students the basics of flying and prepared instructors witheffective pre- and post-flight briefings. Presented as a maneuversmanual, this textbook makes it easy for students to begin flighttraining on the ground, so that their valuable time spent in theairplane is dedicated to practice.

The sixth edition of Flight School covers all the tasks forthe FAA Practical Exam for the Private and Commercial Certificates. Withtext supported by more than 500 full-color illustrations andphotographs, students will gain both a theoretical and operationalunderstanding of flying. In addition to covering all the maneuversrequired for the checkride, this textbook also prepares readers for thestudent pilot milestones: first solo, cross-country, instrument, andnight flight.

Also included is a comprehensive airplane checkout review, whichreaders can use to prepare for transitioning to a new airplane type,insurance applications, or the Flight Review.

Foreword by Barry Schiff. This book is part of The Pilot’s ManualSeries— used by leading universities as their standard classroom texts.

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