Journey Log – Hard Cover

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Journey log – hard cover is the full-size, hard-cover format (8.5″ x 11″) new Journey Log. Our latest release of this classic has 25% more pages! It has been designed to meet the requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations.As permitted by the CARs, this new-style journey log is much simplified from the older formats, allowing the pilot to complete entries muchmore easily and accurately. Some technical entries are no longer required (such as the weight of the engine oil). There is now a page for Weight & Balance data at the front of the log. When open, the Journey Log pages lie flat to allow for easy data entry.

The trade-mark logo is printed only on the sample pages. If you have run out of pages in your logbook, you may print out the sample pages and attach them into your old logbook. This will carry you until your new logbook arrives!

Our Aircraft Journey Log is a much higher quality logbook!

In the long run, operators see that our triple-stitched, reinforced, hard-cover Aircraft Journey Log is a much more durable product than the low-cost, soft-cover TP 14089B Journey Logs.


Completely professional bilingual presentation means that anyone in Canada can fly your plane and figure out the Journey Log entries. Inside the front and back covers, you’ll also find bilingual CARs and Regs,too. No excuses!

ISBN: 978-0-920406-46-5

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