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Soft, padded, microfiber fleece cover increases comfort and brings new life to an old headset.

ASA’s new AirClassics™ Headset Head Pad brings headset comfort to a higher level. This soft, padded, microfiber fleece cover is a great way to increase comfort and bring new life to an old headset.

The simple-fit pad uses convenient hook-and-loop closure to allow for easy installation and removal as well as access to headset adjustments. The wide, soft footprint avoids trapping heat, and reduces hot spots. We’ve also included a standard headset pad just in case the current one needs replacement.

The Headset Head Pad fits ASA headsets as well as most other models. It is designed to fit spring steel headbands up to 5/8″ wide, but may be modified to fit slightly larger headbands. Installation instructions are included.

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