Flight Test Notes

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4th Edition Revised

 Written for the benefit of all student flight test prospects, Flight Test Notes takes readers step-by-step through every exercise of the Transport Canada (TC) flight test. This process ensures that students are best prepared for the experience of the examination itself.

Every flight exercise from TC’s Flight Training Manual is analyzed in detail with the key objective being to describe the level of performance that examiners expect from students as they perform to maximize their grade during their final examination. Flight Test Notes also provides a series of pertinent questions, with their associated answers, that are very commonly asked by examiners during the pre-flight phase of the examination.

This latest Flight Test Notes combines its clear review of TC’s current criteria and standards with a cross-section of Q&A, detailed “Do’s and Don’t’s”, and in-depth analyses of common mistakes and means by which to avoid them. Every phase of the examination, from the pre-flight inspection through to take-offs, climbs, turns, circuits, stalls, diversions, forced approaches, landings, emergencies and everything else that an examiner wants to see a licence candidate perform is covered in Flight Test Notes.

Flight Test Notes has been recognized as an excellent exam preparation tool that thoroughly describes what to anticipate during PPL and CPL exams, as well as for those working towards their RPP. Now into its third decade of availability, it has become a cornerstone for flight training in Canada, a test prep resource that eases the path for students seeking their licence to fly.

(140 pages, soft-cover)

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