Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide

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This latest edition of this popular study guide marks the 40th year that it has been the “go to” staple within the Canadian flight training and exam preparation environment. As much as ever before, students can continue to benefit greatly from their use of this latest edition of this prominent question and answer book as they take their final steps towards becoming thoroughly knowledgeable and fully certificated pilots.

Intended for all individuals preparing to write the Transport Canada exam for the private pilot license (PPL), the content of this latest Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide, 8th Edition provides an excellent means for PPL students to study and review the latest essential subject matter required to earn a license to fly.

As a foremost and established educational resource used by students and recommended by flying schools and instructors across the country, the Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide, 8th Edition covers all of the aeronautical subjects that are required knowledge for students as they home in on short-final to write the PPL exam itself.

The Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide, 8th Edition contains over 450 questions in its main body. Dozens of these questions have been updated from the previous version of the title and all, as ever, replicate the style and latest content of questions that students will encounter on the Transport Canada PPL written exam.
Nine chapters make up the bulk of this latest version

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